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It is a fact! Since the 1970s, the World Health Organization (WHO) has established the principle of the right to sexuality as one of the fundamental rights of humans. This sexuality is thus considered to be one of the elements that make up the feeling of well-being of both women and men.

However, beyond the words of sexual dysfunction, this recognition has been implicated in the treatment of heart disease. For men, the problem of erectile dysfunction is at the top of the list of issues that limit sexual well-being. Indeed, after 40 years, in this particular issue. Moreover, what is the case for the treatment of impotence is an expanding phenomenon, according to the various medical researches conducted. For example, in Western Europe, erectile dysfunction reaches 30.1% of men in 1995. Projections show that this rate will rise to 42.8% in 2025. Beyond conducting in-depth studies to discover the causes, the medical profession seeks remedies and natural means to allow this male to continue to have a sexuality flourished. Among these solutions, Male Extra, a natural pill that effectively combats erectile dysfunction, has been available for a few years.

What is Male Extra?

Male Extra is a food supplement in the form of capsules. These contain seven components, all natural, which have improved their ability to irrigate the penis, thus promoting erection.

The result of several years of research in the laboratory, Male Extra Relied on Clinical Evidence.

Unlike other drugs in the pharmaceutical industry, which is the spearhead, Male Extra correct erectile dysfunction as and when. The principle is not only to allow the man to obtain a strong erection at a given moment and for a limited duration, but to “repair” the dysfunction in the long term. Finally, the daily intake of Male Extra, in addition to a healthy lifestyle, put an end to erectile problems. Erections are more important and lasting, with a slight increase in the size of the penis. The breakdowns becoming progressively more and more rare, offering again to the user of Male Extra, as to his or her partners, a total sexual blooming.

As we can see, on paper, Male Extra has already changed the lives of many men. It is nevertheless essential to understand how these capsules act in the body, and in particular in the male reproductive system …

What is a sexual disorder?

The definition of a sexual disorder is a topic that gives rise to many scientific and urological debates. Indeed, social construction around human sexuality is very different from the conception of sexuality for other species. Thus, while sexuality has a purely reproductive role in 99% of animal species, it has a second slope in humans, namely the pursuit of pleasure, but also a personal partner.


In fact, the human being will ask his organism for an answer to this need of sexual fulfillment which goes beyond the strict reproductive role. To be cleared, the man wants to continue to have sex after 40 years, while usually, stricto-sensu reproduction comes before this age. He will want to have a penis always able to put himself in erectile mode with each sexual stimulation. In the same way, the time to reach ejaculation must be as late as possible, even if, in nature, most animals ejaculate in a few seconds.

In short, what is a sexual disorder? Is this a problem to look at only on the side of health, ie the impossibility to have the least erection while still young, and to reproduce? Or is it a social problem, with the impossibility of achieving a fulfilling sexuality, with the constraints that it includes: having a proper erection, to give pleasure to his partner?

In the last twenty years, the medical profession has gradually come to a consensus about the second solution: A sexual disorder is the intimate feeling of being able to obtain a fulfilling sexuality, psychological repercussions on his daily life and that of his partner. The designers of Male Extra are totally in this vein: that is why they have designed a natural product, which meets the needs of men. men who manage to get erections, but do not grow long enough. Capsules are therefore a different solution to the heavy treatments offered by doctors. These are often only for men with significant erectile dysfunction.

How does Male Extra work?

To understand the action of Male Extra, it is essential to understand in a few words the functioning of an erection. The penis is composed of an erector nerve, two arteries causing the blood to arrive, and cavernous bodies. Following sexual stimulation, of various origins (touch, smell, sight …), the brain transmits to the penis this stimulation through the erector nerve. This causes an increase in the size of a nucleotide, cGMP. Its role is to relax the muscles in the cavernous bodies. In fact, the blood flow is more important, filling the cavernous bodies. The penis is bigger. He is not yet in the phase of erection. For this, it is essential that the blood pressure in the penis is greater. Indeed, when the blood arrives in the penis, it compresses the veins to expel the blood usually out of the penis. The erection takes place. It is normally only at the time of ejaculation that the cMPc is degraded. The muscles contract again, the blood returning to the rest of the body.

Thus, an erectile problem can be caused by several causes: a drop of the quantity of the blood which arrives in the penis, to which pressure does not imprison the blood, or even vessels or cavernous bodies which can not receive enough blood.

Male Extra in the range of these different physiological problems. Thanks to its components, the blood vessels are better dilated, allowing the flow of a larger amount of blood into the penis. In addition, Male Extra plays on the brain. As we have seen, with the brain to the penis of sexual stimuli, the penis can not put itself in a state of erection. However, fatigue or a decrease in morality reduces the transmission of these stimuli. This is one of the many problems that people experience when they have a problem with their sexual stimuli, and, in turn, increase the disorders. Male Extra plays so much on the penis as on the brain.

The composition of Male Extra

Seven elements make up Male Extra capsule. They each play a leading role in the effectiveness of treatment.

L-Arginine: The main component of Male Extra, L-Arginine is an amino acid found in the body as nitric oxide. This oxide has a beneficial effect on sexuality because it improves the blood vessels, also controlling the blood pressure. In the penis, the arginine will therefore promote the dilation of the vessels, allowing an increase in blood flow. Numerous scientific studies have proved the beneficial action of L-Arginine to regain a fulfilling sexuality. It is not surprising that this component is very present in Male Extra, with 600 mg per capsule.

The ellagic acid of Granada: Behind this complex name lies an antioxidant contained in pomegranate, the fruit of Asian origin. The pomegranate has the effect of improving circulation, so important to achieve a correct erection. Each day, Male Extra can absorb 500 mg of ellagic acid from this fruit. Moreover, Male Extra is based on a study that has been shown to improve erections, but also to decrease among pomegranate consumers.

Methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM): if MSM has a barbarian name, this mineral is nevertheless necessary to be in good health. Derived from sulfur, it is involved in cells and tissues. Indeed, these are in perpetual renewal in the body. However, with age, this is more difficult. The MSM will support this action, especially in the penis where the tissues of the corpora cavernosa play prominently role.

L-Methionine: Like L-Arginine, L-Methionine is an amino acid. Rather than the quality of the erection, this acid intervenes more on its duration. Indeed, histamine, a molecule present in the body, especially in the immune system, has the effect of causing ejaculation. The more histamine is present in the body, the more rapid ejaculation will occur. The role of L-Methionine is to limit the level of histamine. Erections, and sex, are longer, to the delight of both partners.

Zinc: this is known to many men, is an important mineral for virility. Indeed, it is he who plays on the production of testosterone, the male hormone par excellence. Zinc is used as a food supplement in gyms, to promote muscle development. Aim, at the sexual level, testosterone intervenes in an obvious way, both to maintain the quality of the libido, but also to provide a satisfactory response to stimuli. In fact, by increasing the testosterone level, the man will be more excited, and his body will respond to this excitement by erections lasting and imposing. Zinc is the basis of a successful sex life.

The Cordyceps: Little known in the West, Cordyceps is an extremely sought after and expensive mushroom in Asia, especially in China. This mushroom is really considered a natural aphrodisiac, with very high satisfaction rates. As for zinc, cordyceps acts on the body in the brain, reactivating sexual stimuli from the five senses: smell, sight, touch …

Finally, Niacin has an effect on the body to that of arginine. Niacin is actually the scientific name for vitamin B3. It acts on the blood vessels. It helps to dilate and relax them. In the penis, the effect of Niacin is immediate: the vessels can more easily irrigate the blood, allowing an increase in the amount that flows during an erection.

How to use Male Extra?

Each vial of Male Extra is composed of 90 capsules, which represents a cure of one month. Indeed, every day, using this treatment is very simple: just swallow three capsules daily, at any time of the day, with a large glass of water. The manufacturer advises taking the capsules each morning during breakfast. This avoids forgetting or having to take Male Extra with you. Purpose, scientifically speaking, Male Extra is effective whatever the time of the wrestling.

Note that the beneficial effects of Male Extra will be greater if the user has a negative impact on his body: tobacco, alcohol, fatty food, lack of sleep … Male Extra, for much faster and more important results.

What are the results expected with what timeframes?

The results obtained after taking Male Extra are progressive. The first signs of a better treatment will be visible after three or four weeks of treatment. Obviously, these encouraging signs will be consolidated after three to six months of treatment. Feedback has been shown that erections were actually more important, with a harder penis, and a history of erection. The second observation that can be made is the gain in many men in the size of sex erect. This is not the primary goal of Male Extra, but it is a rather interesting consequence of increased blood flow in the penis. Thus, at the end of six months, male patients have seen their penis be two to three centimeters long on average.

To be complete, it should be noted that stopping treatment may be a limitation of the beneficial effects of the daily intake of the product. Better to continue taking over time.

Possible side effects of Male Extra

Male Extra is a completely natural product, the goal of which is to bring in more nutrients, amino acids and vitamins already present in the body and acting favorably on sexual well-being. In fact, the various studies have found no side effects. So there is no need to worry!

Nevertheless, the product is reserved for men and is therefore not recommended for subjects under 18 years. In addition, for each dietary supplement, whatever its field of action, vigilance must be recorded for men who take medication daily or regularly (psychotropic drugs, products for the heart or blood …). It is then advisable to discuss the possibility of taking Male Extra with your doctor.

The advantages of Male Extra

The advantages of Male Extra large and large:

– the effectiveness of the results of multiple studies its partner, with again erections of a very good quality, comparable to those In addition, there is better endurance and increased penis size.

– the ease of use: one of three capsules in one day, at any time. No need to consume Male Extra in anticipation of future sex.

– the natural character: Male Extra comes from plants and all-natural elements. They are not synthetic products, created in the laboratory, with all the health problems that can arise over the course of treatment.

– a safe product: Male Extra is the result of several years of development, and has been on the market for almost 15 years. Suffice to say that they have been able to achieve a fulfilling sex life.

A discreet and guaranteed order: Male Extra is being bought directly on the Internet, in all discretion, and without prescription. This is a real benefit for all men who do not wish to discuss their sexual concerns with their doctor or pharmacist. In addition, Male Extra is guaranteed for sixty days. Without having to justify, it is enough to return the product during this period of time in order to be refunded in full.

The disadvantages of Male Extra

The only real disadvantage of Male Extra is its low price, since it takes about sixty euros for a monthly treatment. Fortunately, the product is regularly promoted, saving some twenty euros. In addition, it is possible to achieve real savings.

Our opinion on Male Extra

The so-called miracle products, which can be an erectile dysfunction or more broadly to male sexual problems, there are hundreds on the Internet. Often, these products come to the market with great communication, and disappear just as quickly, not passing the user satisfaction phase.

Male Extra is not one of these products: indeed, it has been fifteen years that this treatment exists, with it being retoque by men. This is a clear first sign of its ability, finally, to respond to the sexual disorders of all ages.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that the condensate of natural products is more likely to increase and improve the ability to obtain hard and lasting erections. The men interviewed for this article have been told the same story: Male Extra has changed their lives, making them feel like a man again, giving them a new youth and a fullness in bed, for them. partner.

Finally, Male Extra is a second day of work, the time required to take the capsules daily, to find long and intense moments of sexual happiness. There is no need to dwell on the subject: Is there any reason to be a victim of sexual dysfunction

How to buy Male Extra?

Finally, note that Male Extra is only available on the Internet. If many sites are trying to sell the product, only the official site is actually licensed. Be careful therefore to possible counterfeits, potentially dangerous, often ineffective, which tends to develop. This guarantee will be provided to you and will be provided to you by Male Extra.

There is no delivery charge as a result of an order. In addition, the package is prepared in a discreet packaging that avoids any breach of privacy. Finally, it takes two to three days before you receive your capsules and start a new life!

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