Keto Lovers Promote The Controversy Over Diet.

Ketozin As a 41-year-old truck driver who delivered crude oil throughout the country, José Sandoval was not the type who was up to date with the most famous food systems.

But when one of his colleagues said he had been relieved “by going to Quito,” Sandoval, a father of four who paid 300 pounds, got up.

Forskolin Keto Cycle He had already followed doctors’ orders to reduce fat and eat more vegetables and grains, but his weight was stagnant and diabetes was getting worse. So in January, after reading a book collection on diets high in fat and low in carbohydrates, Sandoval sold morning cereals for coffee containing butter, abandoned homemade tortillas and starchy vegetables, and began to accumulate in avocados, bacon and oils .

“I do not feel hungry, I have more mental clarity,” says Sandoval, who is now POV 230 and far from his diabetes medicine: “I have a lot of energy.”

Nearly a century after the doctors at the Mayo Clinic appeared as a last resort for children with epilepsy, the ketone diet returned and became mainstream, and he praised everything from a quick way to reduce the dose to a promising treatment for neurological problems.

Ardor Keto Diet It is difficult to find statistics that show how many people consume the diet. Google’s search for “ketogenic” multiplied by eight in five years, inspired by the backing of celebrities such as Halle Berry and Vanessa Hudgens. Netflix even released a new movie called The Magic Pill, which covers people who use the diet in everything from autism to cancer.

Not surprisingly, the diet has also generated criticism, with some claims about its “strictly foolish” and potentially harmful long-term health benefits.

Even advocates warn that diet, while effective for some problems, is not for everyone and is not easy.

While everyone and their neighbors seem to have tried the diet with ketones, they may not have done so, says Christine Mancinelli, a registered dietitian and author of the book “Dietetics.” “People think that if they eliminate some carbohydrates and add a little fat to their dishes, they do,” he says. “They are not, this diet is very strict.”

You can put your body in the case of ketones without following the diet of the message. In general, eating too little carbohydrate means a lot of fat and protein.

Many people on the diet shoot around 80% of the calories from fat, from 5% to 10% of carbohydrates (the typical American diet is about 55% of carbohydrates), and the rest is protein. This means maintaining carbohydrate intake around 20 grams per day. Apple has more.

There are two supposed benefits of a very low carbohydrate immersion: within a week, blood sugar settles and insulin levels fall, rewarding anyone with diabetes. Without carbohydrates (the typical transport fuel of the body), the body slides into “nutritional ketosis,” where the liver breaks down fat for energy. In this process, compounds called ketones are made that enter the spinal cord and the brain, with many effects, including the inhibition of hunger.

“The paradox of most diets is to start with people who are overfed due to extreme hunger, and then reduce calories, and thus increase their hunger,” said David Ludwig, a professor at Boston Children’s Hospital and the University of California. Harvard School of Medicine.

He points out that while people who rely on low-calorie diets lose weight at first, they often regain weight as their hunger increases, the metabolism decreases and the body begins to store more fat.

Early research suggests that the ketone diet may be different.

A large analysis of 13 trials, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, suggested that people who follow the diet lose more weight and keep more people on a low-fat diet that allows for more carbohydrates. In another 8-week trial of 34 obese men and women, those who consumed ketone lost almost 10 percent of their body fat, while those who ate a low-fat diet lost 2.3 percent.

“As for science, we must remain united,” said Ludwig, who recently launched a 12-year study worth $ 12 million for the diet. “But the brain can realize that the deprivation is less and that the speed of metabolism is accelerating, so you can lose weight in cooperation with your body.”

Beyond weight loss

Leaving aside the weight, some clinics and people have begun to explore the ketone diet as a way to control diabetes.

A recent study of 34 overweight adults with diabetes or type 2 diabetes showed that those who ate the diet had improvements in their blood sugar level and were more likely to have diabetes medications than those who ate a low-index diet Glycemic Low-fat fat is a typical amount of carbohydrates.

Keith Ronian, a retired psychiatrist who specializes in kidney disease, who has had his first type of diabetes for 6 years through diet, wrote a book, “The Ketone Diet for the Type”: “I would say so far my favorite diet for diabetes “. 1 diabetes

“The evidence is robust when it comes to children,” says Eric Kosov, managing director, a global expert on the use of the ketone diet for seizure disorders. About half of those who try to see half of the attacks disappear and some think they have stopped completely. Now, adults are also used to treat seizure disorders. Neurosurgery has begun to explore other ways to use the diet.

“They have begun to determine if this works for epilepsy and may be successful in other cases that affect the brain,” says Kosov, medical director of the Children’s Diet Center at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland.

He says that ketones affect the mitochondria, the cell cells of nerve cells. In addition, fat benefits the brain and the change in glucose metabolism can cause anticancer effects.

He says it is too early to recommend a diet for such uses, but studies are underway to explore versions of Alzheimer’s disease, autism, brain injuries and brain cancer.

“It’s an interesting and exciting area to look for,” he says.

  • Cons and criticism abound
  • Not everyone is sold.

A recent classification of the news of the EE. UU And the global report on 40 diets nullified the cetoneada diet, due to fears of a high level of fat, which can increase cardiovascular health, and the stress that can be placed on the liver. (People with liver disorders are advised not to do so).

This Netflix documentary, The Magic Pill, filmed in Australia, provoked outrage from the Australian Medical Association. The group’s president, Michael Gannon, described the accusations in the film as “very silly” and in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, calling it a rival in “awards for films that are less likely to contribute to public health.”

Meanwhile, the American Heart Association recently warned that coconut oil, a staple of the ketone’s diet, is loaded with saturated fat and can increase bad cholesterol. The AHA recommends eating no more than 6% saturated fat as part of a healthy diet. It is also important to keep in mind that it is not required to eat coconut oil to reach the state of the ketone.

Then there are side effects.

As the body adapts to nutritional ketoacidosis, many of its followers acquire a “flu quito”, which is completed with headaches, nausea, fatigue and headaches. It can last from 4 to 5 days. Because diet can lack fiber, constipation can be a problem, as can a lack of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, along with kidney stones. Because diet is very restricted, it can be difficult to follow in the long term.

“If someone wants to go to the ketone, it’s very difficult to do it,” says Mancinelli, a registered dietitian who has written a book on the Quito diet, instead of recommending “A low-carb diet, coupled with intermittent fasting, That can lead to some of the same results for the body.

But he says that, for people who love the “all or nothing” approach, the rigor of the keto can be perfect, and rapid weight loss can be a catalyst initially.

Customers should avoid excess saturated fats, such as coconut oil, and look for a combination of fats and vegetables low in carbohydrates, says Mancinielli. Usually, there is no restriction of calories in the diet, because fat usually makes people feel full and their appetite is reduced naturally. (Often, people do not feel hungry for the three meals a day).

“However, being in Quito is not a license for a snack,” she says.

Sandoval, who read Manchenelli’s book three times, Today, has no doubt that he will reach a weight of 190 pounds.

“People have many misconceptions about this,” he says. “You just have to eat bacon and eggs, and that’s not sustainable.” “All I know is that it works for me.”

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